QIS Services

QIS Engineering Services

QIS provides engineering services including foundation, frame and windstorm designs while meeting the specific needs of the builder in maintaining cost control, risk management, quality assurance and timely performance.

State of Texas - County Stage Inspections

Qualified Inspection Services is approved to provide required inspections in all unincorporated areas of the State. Inspections include at a minimum foundation inspections, framing, mechanical and delivery systems inspections, and final code inspections. QIS works together with the builder ensuring minimum code requirements are met and required inspections are reported.

Builder 10-year Warranty Inspections

Qualified Inspection Services is approved to perform builder home warranty inspections for all 10-year warranty companies in the State of Texas. Inspections are performed at the foundation, frame and final stages of construction. Electronic reports are generated and uploaded to the QIS website and can be accessed by the builder at any time.

Quality Assurance Inspections

Qualified Inspection Services provides quality assurance inspections to assist the builder in supervising and monitoring homes during the construction process. Inspection reports are comprehensive, identifying specific deficiencies in need of repair at the foundation, frame and final stages of construction. Inspection results provide building management with information they may use to evaluate trade performance, rate superintendents and measure progress within their company. Inspection results are available on-line.

Energy and Green Inspections

Qualified Inspection Services through its affiliate company offers various programs that may be utilized by builders to demonstrate energy code and/or green compliance. For further details visit .

Engineered Inspections

Qualified Inspection Services provides engineering inspections that include: foundation pour inspections and monitoring, slab level verification, post tension elongation inspections, clip, strap and shearwall inspections and engineered frame plan inspections.

Builder Code Consultations

Qualified Inspection Services maintains a staff of "code certified inspectors" who are trained to interpret and consult the builder on code related issues as they effect new home construction.

FHA and Lender Compliance Inspections

Qualified Inspection Services maintains a staff of inspectors who are approved to provide FHA and lender compliance inspections. Compliance report forms as well as required attachments can be electronically mailed to meet lender schedules and deadlines.

Builder and Trade Construction Classes

Qualified Inspection Services provides builder and trade construction classes that are designed to supply the student with practical training in building fundamentals and the supervision of new home construction. Training is provided in classroom settings as well as on the jobsite. Subjects may be tailored to fit builder requirements.

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